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  • Dietitian and psychologist specializing in digestive disorders
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Validated by science

Proven therapeutic approaches.


We select and apply only treatment protocols that have scientifically demonstrated their effectiveness.

Spécialistes par pathologies

Specialists in your pathology, who adapt to your profile.

At Guty, healthcare professionals are rigorously selected for their skills and experience in one or more pathologies. They know how to adapt to your profile to establish a tailor-made treatment program.

Some Guty healthcare professionals

Your pocket companion

An innovative mobile application that facilitates and makes more efficient your personalized treatment program.

As your gastrointestinal disorders are a daily struggle, the Guty app allows you to stay in touch with your team of experts, to share live the evolution of your symptoms and to make your life easier. in place of your care plan.

And the questions are limitless !

As your gastrointestinal disorders are a daily struggle, the Guty app allows you to stay in touch with your team of experts, to share live the evolution of your symptoms and to make your life easier. in place of your treatment plan.

And the questions are limitless !


Et les questions sont illimitées!


Book a consultation with one of our specialized health professionals

Chat in video-consultation with the health professional of your choice to obtain initial advice and find the best support solution to treat your intestinal disorders.

Patient testimonials

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"With Guty, I finally found a global vision of care! In addition to taking care of my body, I have real psychological support thanks to the daily responses of my nutritionist! I feel less alone in the face of my disorders which can really spoil my daily life. "
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"I finally found a nutritionist specializing in my irritable bowel and my digestive problems. In 2 months, I managed to reduce my symptoms quite significantly."
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"I am currently using the app and have to say it is a real plus for knowing what to eat with my irritable bowel."
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"Today, it is necessary to be able to quickly find a health professional in connection with his pathology.

Guty offers a real promise for this! "
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“Real psychological and motivational support. It's easier to follow a diet plan and get motivated when you're not alone, I can't wait to see a nutritionist specializing in celiac disease.

Bravo again, great project! "

Answers to your questions

The support programs offered by Guty use therapies that have shown the best results in multiple clinical studies :

  • Nutritional support: with dieticians and specialist nutritionists trained in the management of gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Psychological support: with certified psychotherapists specializing in the treatment of pain and gastrointestinal symptoms through behavioral and cognitive therapy

    These 2 therapies offer comprehensive management of gastrointestinal disorders in order to reduce symptoms in the short and long term.

To date, it is the only solution totally dedicated to people with digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases.

It allows you both to be accompanied by nutrition experts specializing in your intestinal disorders and to be able to follow a tailor-made treatment program directly in the application, at home and at any time.

Of course, our offers are satisfied or refunded after the first consultation.

Yes, they have all been validated by health and nutrition professionals and are validated by our scientific committee.

Yes, all of our healthcare professionals are certified and graduated. We only work with healthcare professionals in the legal and medical sense of the term.

Our solution is not a substitute for medical follow-up with a doctor.

Our use of personal data complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The data collected is only used for the proper functioning of our solution. They will not be sold or given to anyone.